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My first ever flash fiction - ECHO BEACH

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September 10th, 2014

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08:39 pm - My first ever flash fiction
This flash fiction had to be 140 wds exactly and include Misha Collins, The Queen of England, and an elopus. It as written for 2014 Team GISHWHES Loves Jack_Tar:

Falanges steered the Queen-of-England into the transit berth. His data-flow showed a dozen deep-space submarines ahead. As many behind. Right on the edge of the field though, the pulsing outline of a brigantine, pushed up the queue.

‘Blasted line jumpers!’ He stretched a tentacle into the flow and activated the Queen’s turbine boosters, sending her rear-end sideways to block the chute.

‘Queen of England! Assume the correct alignment!’ bellowed the brigantine’s captain.

Falanges blew a rude noise from his trunk, spraying fluid about. ‘Trim your sails and take your turn, sail ship!’

‘I bring dangerous cargo. Need expedited entry,’ the captain insisted.

‘What? A Verian War Machine? A Glass Assassin?’

‘The Angel Misha Collins, Guardian of the Supernatural.’

Falanges quailed. Crossed his trembling tentacles. He let the Queen flatten against the dock’s fenders. ‘God speed, my man, and good luck!’

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